Frequently Asked Questions

Who should attend?

Consultants and IT Professionals looking to provide a higher level of support to their clients.

Why should you attend?

There is a need for a set of standard practices that any good Proactive Support Professional should have and abide. A PSP is providing the role of a virtual Chief Information Officer or vCIO.

How can I get listed on the Proactive Support Professional Locator?

Certification is required to be listed on the Proactive Support Professional Locater. Certification will be generally available in 2017. In the interim, we are posting stories of proactive support which can include a link back to your site.

Submit your Proactive Support Story


Are there any fees to have a story listed?

There is no fee associated with posts submitted to, or published on, this site.

Stories will be reviewed for appropriateness, and posted as an example of the benefit from hiring a Proactive Support Professional.

Once certified, will I get a logo for my web site or business cards?

Yes. Upon completion of certification, we will provide you a high quality logo for use on your web site, promotional materials and/or business cards.

Is there a page to link to?

You may link to

How can I post this certification on my LinkedIn profile?

In LinkedIn, Add a New Profile Section > Accomplishments > Certifications.

Add LinkedIn Certification

Your certification should look similar to this:

Add Certification to LinkedIn